Minister De Crem reaches agreement with regard to the occupational disease insurance for volunteer firefighters

2020, April 26

The Minister of Home Affairs and Security Pieter De Crem reached an agreement with the Federal Minister of Social Affairs, Maggie De Block, with regard to the occupational disease insurance for volunteer firefighters. These firefighters were, until today, not covered by such an insurance. But that’s about to change : in the future, they will have the same insurance against occupational diseases as career firefighters.

As a result of this agreement, firefighters suffering from an occupational disease will be entitled to a reimbursement of their health care costs, to benefits for a temporary incapacity to work (incapacity of at least 15 days) and possibly to benefits for a permanent incapacity to work.

Minister De Crem is pleased with the agreement reached : “This agreement is an important recognition for thousands of volunteers active within the Belgian emergency rescue zones.  All these people work for the common good and are often exposed to danger and risks. I’m therefore very pleased that this legal loophole has been plugged.”

The complete list of activities and sectors for which the COVID_19 can be recognized as an occupational disease, can be found on the website of FEDRIS.

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