BEPOLUX highlights bilateral relations between Poland and Belgium

2020, January 22

This week, the Belgian-Polish-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce once again highlighted the bilateral relations between Belgium and Poland. The Minister in charge of Foreign Trade, Pieter De Crem, took the floor during a networking event at the Embassy of Poland in Brussels. “Events like this are crucial for establishing strong interpersonal relationships between people. Knowing each other, knowing what to expect from one another : that is, and still remains, the best way to move forward”, according to Minister De Crem.

The Minister explained during his speech how such strong relationships can be established. “When I was asked by this Chamber of Commerce to be here today, I did not hesitate for a moment. The reason for this lies in the personal bond I have with Poland. The town of Aalter, where I was born and bred, was liberated at the end of the Second World War by the First Polish Armored Division led by General Stanislaw Maczek. Just last year, we paid appropriate tribute to the Polish soldiers who lost their lives during that operation by hosting an exhibition in our town”, said Minister De Crem.

The Minister called for continued investment in these personal relationships : “Poland is currently the eighth export country for Belgium, with exports constantly increasing in recent years. In 2018, Belgian exports to Poland rose to 8.5 billion euros. Inversely, the Polish export to Belgium in 2018 reached 4.7 billion euros, that was 400 million more than the year before. I would like to congratulate this Chamber of Commerce for the role it played in this but above all, I want to encourage its members to continue their efforts”, concluded Minister De Crem.

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