Minister De Crem opens the European Strategic Communications Network (ESCN) Conference on fighting off terrorism and radicalism

2019, December 5

Minister of Home Affairs and Security Pieter De Crem opened this morning the ESCN-Conference on strategic communication aimed at fighting off radicalism and terrorism. In the beautiful setting of the Solvay Library in the heart of Brussels, strategists, politicians, researchers and members of NGOs came together to spend a day exploring the impact of new communication technologies on radicalization processes.

Minister De Crem: “Radicalism on both sides of the political spectrum is currently facilitated and reinforced by new communication technologies that exist today. Lots of information, images and videos are being spread through social media and the Internet, including videos on terrorist attacks, terrorism and violence. Furthermore, underlying mechanisms and algorithms are the reason why we are more and more often confronted with messages that often confirm our own worldview in a harsher, more firmly and more radical way. The question of how a government should deal with this in order to avoid further radicalization and more terrorist attacks, is very relevant.”

Minister De Crem was not the only one to take the floor at this conference. Paul Van Tigchelt (OCAM) and Gilles de Kerckhove (EU CTC) did so as well.

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