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Minister De Crem receives representatives of the Pro League, the Royal Belgian Football Association, the federal and local police and the cell Football

2019, May 2

            This morning, the Minister of Home Affairs and Security Pieter De Crem welcomed the representatives of the Pro League, the Belgian Football Association, the federal and local police and the cell Football of the Department of the Interior. The reason for this meeting was the suspended football match between Standard Liège and RSC Anderlecht on April 12, 2019. Supporters of Anderlecht threw bangers and flares on the field, therefore jeopardizing the safety of the players and other spectators.

            The representatives of the Pro League and the Belgian Football Association told Minister De Crem that the Belgian soccer clubs are already making a lot of efforts to guarantee safety during matches. Lighting up and using Bengal fireworks had once again been discouraged before the start of the Playoffs. Minister De Crem pointed out the dangers of Bengal fire as they might cause burns and damage the clothes of bystanders.

            The meeting was constructive and resulted in some agreements being made. Minister De Crem : “On Monday, July 1st, the cell Football will organize an information session/ a training day for all those in charge of security at the different soccer clubs. We will also proceed with the annual mandatory signing of the so-called Safety Convention. Clubs must also be encouraged to exchange so-called ‘best practices’ with each other in order to further increase safety in and around stadiums. I notice there’s a willingness amongst those present today to take a new step forward and I look forward to seeing how this will be implemented”.

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