Insider Threat Mitigation Symposium in Brussels

March 13, 2019

The Insider Threat Mitigation Symposium will be held in Brussels from March 12 till March 14. During this three-day conference, representatives from over fifty countries will exchange experiences and best practices on nuclear security for peaceful purposes.

In the margins of the conference, the Minister of Home Affairs & Security Pieter De Crem met Mrs. Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty, the American Under Secretary for Nuclear Security. During their meeting, the Minister and the Under Secretary expressed their mutual support to keep on fully focusing on Belgian-American cooperation in the future.

Minister De Crem : "This conference pays particular attention to so-called 'insider threats', for example: what criteria does a security screening have to meet in order to exclude the risk that people with bad intentions might come into contact with our nuclear facilities and infrastructure ? As Mrs. Gordon-Hagerty pointed out in her speech, this is a sector in which we cannot afford to make any mistakes. So this also applies to the people whom we authorize to come into contact with our nuclear infrastructure.”