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Winter BOB campaign kicked off in Brussels

2019, November 29

The Winter BOB campaign was kicked off yesterday at the Belgian Brewers in Brussels. This is the 24th time that a large-scale awareness-raising campaign wants to draw attention to the incompatibility between drinking and driving. In the following days and weeks, more than 300,000 drivers in total will be subjected to a police check.

“After twenty-four years, the BOB campaigns are gradually becoming part of our Belgian cultural heritage. The constructive and positive manner in which these campaigns draw attention to responsible behavior in traffic, is now also regarded as an example abroad”, said the Minister of Home Affairs and Security in his speech. Although the BOB campaign focuses exclusively on alcohol behind the wheel, Minister De Crem announced that attention will also be paid to the use of drugs and mobile phones while driving. “One second of looking at your smartphone instead of looking at the road, is all it takes to have you, your passengers or other road users scarred for life. It is definitely not our intention to organize a witch hunt. Every Belgian should enjoy Christmas and New Year as well as the food and the drinks. The key message we want to convey, is this : use your common sense in everything you do”, concludes Minister De Crem.  

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