Minister Pieter De Crem represents the Belgian Government at the Justice & Home Affairs Council in Bucharest

February 8, 2019

From January 6 – January 8 Minister for Home Affairs & Homeland Security Pieter De Crem represented the Belgian Government in Bucharest (Romania) during the European Justice & Home Affairs Council (JHA). Together with his counterparts of other EU Member States Minister De Crem discussed topics as judicial cooperation, migration, boarder control and the strengthening of the internal security of the European Union.

One important topics discussed was the consequences of digitalization on police cooperation. Digitalization offers opportunities but involves also risks e.g. hacking of databases and cyberwarfare. It’s from the utmost importance that both national security services and international security agencies as Europol transform themselves to units that are able to manage these challenges.

Another important topic is the necessary strengthening of border control in preparation for a ‘deal’ / ‘no deal’ Brexit next month. Minister De Crem met his counterparts of France, United Kingdom and the Netherlands to discuss the current Eurostar Agreement (1993). This agreement stipulates how border controls should be organized between the four countries and how security cooperation should look like.

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