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European network of Crisis centres aims to strengthen international security policy

2019, May 3


Last Thursday, the Commissariat-General of the Benelux Union held a ‘high-level meeting’ between the representatives of various countries in order to strengthen the international security policy in the future. Belgian Minister of Home Affairs and Security Pieter De Crem gave the closing speech and underlined the importance of breaking mental barriers in order to tackle cross-border problems.

“As Belgians, we know all too well what impact security crises have on a nation. The attacks of 2016 are still fresh in our minds. The importance of achieving an effective and coordinated crisis management cannot be underestimated. We need to invest in a network of crisis centres to exchange best practices and to build up the necessary expertise so as to be able to face the daunting challenges of our time, such as terrorism, organized crime and cybercrime”, said Minister De Crem.  



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