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“A decision with regard to the borders should ideally be reached by the end of next week”

2020, May 15

The Minister of Home Affairs and Security Pieter De Crem said in an interview on Radio 1 this morning that he hopes to reach a decision about a possible reopening of the borders by the end of next week. “The abolition of existing border controls is a far-reaching step towards semi-normalization. It’s a complex issue. I’m constantly consulting with my fellow ministers from our neighbouring countries. The best possible scenario is to reach a decision by the end of next week on when and under what conditions we can end these border controls”.

We will enter a new phase of the so-called exit-strategy next Monday, May 18, in order to get our country out of this lockdown. A question that has been put on the agenda since last week and that has become increasingly significant, is what to do with the country’s borders in that regard. “Our country is not an island and it has to take its decision in proper consultation with our neighbouring countries in order to come to a simultaneous and coordinated reopening. The epidemiological situation in our country but also that in our neighboring countries is obviously a critical factor”, said Minister de Crem.

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