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Communication on the measures taken to manage the situation with regard to the coronavirus

2020, March 10

On the basis of a consultation this afternoon, the Federal Government’s inner cabinet and the Strategic Committee have decided to adopt a number of proportional measures aimed at keeping the COVID19 virus (coronavirus) under control on Belgian soil.

Scientifically based recommendations were formulated on the basis of the Risk Assessment Group and the Risk Management Group. These measures apply to the entire Belgian territory and relate to activities scheduled for the following days. In this respect, the recommendations are as follows :

·        For indoor activities with more than 1000 participants, the Minister of Home Affairs and Security Pieter De Crem will ask the provincial governors to recommend to the mayors to prohibit these activities.

·        Indoor activities with up to 1000 participants as well as outdoor activities (such as sporting and cultural events) can continue as planned.

The decision whether or not to allow these activities is primarily up to the mayors. The guidelines mentioned above will be announced by Minister De Crem this evening during an official meeting to which the Belgian provincial governors will be invited. These measures as well as all other measures are based on the advice of the Federal Public Health Service.

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