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593.727 BE-Alert messages sent during large-scale national test

2019, October 9

On Thursday, October 3, 204 municipalities tested the BE-Alert alarm tool. A total of more than 417,640 text messages, 52,304 voice messages and 123,783 e-mails were sent. It was the first time that the capacity of the alarm platform was tested on such a large scale.  

Impressive number of messages sent

The test is an ideal opportunity for cities and municipalities to familiarize themselves with the way the alarm platform operates. A total of 204 cities and municipalities took part in the test, of which 73 had never tested BE-Alert prior to this test.

The cities and municipalities mainly sent a test message by SMS. A total of 417,640 text messages were sent. On top of that, 123,783 e-mails and 52,304 voice messages were also sent.

For the National Crisis Centre, this test was the perfect time to check the capacity and delivery speed of the messages during peak loads. With the exception of a few minor technical difficulties, the large-scale test ran very smoothly and the messages were delivered quickly. 

In the coming weeks, the National Crisis Centre and all its partners will thoroughly evaluate this test in order to enable future improvements and innovations.

Text messages sent on the basis of physical presence

In cooperation with the National Crisis Centre and the three telecom operators, test messages were also sent on the basis of people’s presence in a given area. This basically means that all people with a mobile phone in the selected area, received a test message, even if they were not registered to BE-Alert. These tests were carried out in cooperation with the cities/municipalities of Schoten, Herent, Tournai, Braine-Le-Comte, Habay, Nassogne and the federal agencies of the Governors of Limburg and West Flanders. In the province of Limburg, a test message was sent to all people present in five municipalities.  A total of 181,783 messages were sent in that way.

BE-Alert already activated 135 times during emergency situations

80% of all Belgian cities and municipalities have currently joined this alarm platform. Over the last two years, the population has been informed of emergency situations through BE-Alert 135 times. There were different types of emergency situations : smoke-producing fires, drinking water pollution, power cut-offs, stormy weather…

There are currently more than 627,000 addresses registered.

You can register on the following website :

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