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Minister De Crem hands over Francqui Prize to three economists from KU Leuven

2019, June 10

Last month, three economists from KU Leuven – Laurens Cherchye, Bram De Rock and Frederic Vermeulen – were awarded the prestigious Francqui Science Prize 2019. The three researchers developed a methodology to reliably explain and predict the decisions made by individual family members and the distribution of time within families.

The Francqui Prize is an annual prize that is awarded successively in the field of the exact sciences, human sciences and biomedical sciences. This year, the honor went to three economists whose work should allow, in the future, to better assess the impact of new policies, such as an increase in family allowances, a reform of the personal income tax or the legislation on divorce.

Minister De Crem : “As Belgians, we are sometimes too modest when it comes to our top performances. These three researchers have accomplished something very important and their methodology can become an essential tool for politicians and policymakers who have to make decisions on issues that have a daily impact on people’s lives. I would therefore like to congratulate Laurens Cherchye, Bram De Rock and Frederic Vermeulen on their work and encourage them to continue down this path”.

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