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Minister De Crem delivers a speech for the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium

2019, November 20

A Business to Government Lunch was scheduled for the second day of the Belgian Economic Mission in China. As the umbrella organization representing the interests of 50 Belgian sector federations, the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium decided to organize the event. Minister De Crem submitted the conclusions during this lunch and drew attention to the importance of international cooperation and the role of the ongoing reform process within the World Trade Organization.

“For me, it’s no coincidence that the ongoing reform process within the WTO focuses precisely on conflict resolution and the optimization of negotiation methods within the WTO”, said the Belgian Minister in charge of Foreign Trade. “The optimization of negotiation methods is important because we live in a connected world and therefore we must move towards a context that shows sufficient understanding and empathy for all stakeholders involved in such a process. Conflict resolution also has to be done in the same way. This is actually about agreeing on a framework in which predictability of behavior towards each other is regulated. Such a framework basically ensures stability and creates a context in which major unexpected shocks between contracting parties are absorbed”, concluded Minister De Crem.

Minister De Crem was not the only one to take the floor during this lunch. Ambassador Chapuis and Mr Zhenyu Su did so as well.

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