The city of Liège commemorates the victims of the terrorist attack of 2018

2019, May 29

On May 29, 2018, the city of Liège was startled by a terrorist attack that would cost the lives of three people. Two police officers on duty and a young men aged 22 would be killed before the perpetrator could be overpowered. During a serene and emotional ceremony, tribute was paid today to the deceased. Minister De Crem attended the ceremony.  

At about half past ten this morning, political leaders and family members, friends, close relatives and colleagues of the victims gathered in the vicinity of Boulevard d’Avroy, close to where fate struck last year. In his speech, Minister De Crem expressed his horror at the tragedy that took place last year : “The tragedy that took place here last year, will forever be remembered as an act that is as incomprehensible as it is unacceptable. Terrorist acts such as the one committed in Liège, can disrupt entire communities, such as the local community in Liège, and permanently damage the trust between people that is so desperately needed in order to live together. Every time we are faced with such tragedies, the families and close relatives of the victims are left with relevant questions to which only imperfect answers can be given.”

The public ceremony ended with the laying of wreaths by several people, including Minister De Crem and the colleagues of the victims.

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