Consultation on ‘transmigration’ with the provincial stakeholders in Limburg

2020, September 15

After the earlier consultations on transmigration in the provinces of West Flanders, Antwerp and East Flanders, a similar consultation was planned today in the province of Limburg. The Minister of Home Affairs and Security Pieter De Crem came to the city of Hasselt to meet with a handful of Limburg mayors, chiefs of police, members of the federal police force and representatives of the various regional and federal government agencies.

“This consultation is the fourth overarching, coordinating initiative that I’m taking together with my Flemish colleague Peeters to exchange views on how to tackle the phenomenon of transmigration on our highway parking lots. Previous consultations have shown that the police departments are asking to shorten the administrative handling procedures. Obviously we take their request very seriously. In addition, there’s a request for more harmonization between the different departments and levels within the Integrated Police force but also with the National Railway Company of Belgium and the Flemish public transportation company De Lijn with regard to the approach adopted in Brussels”, said Minister De Crem.

A consultation is scheduled next Monday in Brussels with regard to the province of Flemish Brabant.

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