Minister De Crem reaches agreement with airport police

2020, March 5

The Minister of Security and Home Affairs Pieter De Crem reached an agreement last Tuesday, thus ending the social conflict with the airport police. The work-to-rule slowdowns during the Carnival holiday are thus a thing of the past. “I would like to thank the representatives of the federal police, of the unions, of Brussels Airport and all other stakeholders for their constructive attitude. It’s precisely this attitude that made such an agreement possible.”

The police unions announced weeks ago that the airport police would resort to work-to-rule methods during the Carnival holiday. They also kept their word, thus notably increasing the waiting times at the airport. Minister De Crem had sympathy for the complaints of the airport police and made an appeal to all those involved to come to a negotiated solution.

“In the short term, 55 additional officers will join the airport police in order to reduce the workload. In the longer term, there’s a commitment to recruit 1,400 police officers this year, 400 of whom will be directly recruited to join the federal police force. About 100 of them will have to be assigned to the airport police”, said Minister De Crem in explaining the agreement reached.

The logistical and infrastructural challenges at the airport were also discussed, including the need to build a new infrastructure for the police. Minister De Crem will address these issues at the appropriate levels in the weeks to come.

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