The Department of Civil protection takes matters into its own hands : distribution of face masks and home-made production of hand sanitizer

2020, March 23

The Department of Civil Protection – under the responsibility of the General Directorate of Civil Security – takes matters into its own hands in combatting the COVID-19 virus. Today, it was announced that the Department of Civil Protection will be carrying out two important tasks : the transport and distribution of face masks and the production of hand sanitizer for its own agencies and for our Belgian hospitals.

Over the past few hours, some 6 million face masks have arrived from China at the airport of Liège. These face masks are crucial in our country’s current fight against the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus). Seven trucks of the Department of Civil Protection will be responsible for transporting the face masks to the military compound in Peutie. From there, the face masks will be distributed further among the Belgian provinces and municipalities on the basis of a distribution plan drawn up by the Federal Department of Public Health.

In addition, the Department of Civil Protection will take the initiative to produce hand sanitizer in the future. This production will generate a maximum of 15 000 litre a day. Part of this production is intended for the in-house agencies of the Department of the Interior (fire brigade, civil protection, police, …) while another part will be distributed among Belgian hospitals. The first delivery is scheduled for Wednesday, March 25 and the solution will be available in bottles of 1 litre or of 25 litres.

The Minister of Home Affairs and Security Pieter De Crem is pleased with the initiative : “The fight against the coronavirus is one we must all fight together. I therefore applaud the commitment and the initiatives of the department of Civil Protection. All these initiatives are running in close cooperation with other agencies, such as the Department of Public Health, in order to achieve the best possible result”, said Minister De Crem.

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