Minister De Crem gives keynote speech for a US Congressional Delegation at VOKA Antwerp

2019, March 11

Last weekend VOKA Antwerp welcomed an US Congressional Delegation during a high level event in Antwerp. Minister of the Interior & Homeland Security Pieter De Crem was present to give a keynote speech. In his speech Minister De Crem emphasized the importance of the Transatlantic alliance and the way how international cooperation ensured prosperity, political stability and security at the European continent: If the US and the EU had each gone their separate way over the last 70 years, they would undoubtedly had gone a bit faster now and then. But I’m also convinced that each of them would had gone far less than where we’re standing today as partners, for example in terms of safety, freedom, prosperity and well-being”.

Minister De Crem also drew attention on the Brexit-question and told the US Delegation he remains positive on the outcome of the negotiations: “No matter what form the final Brexit will take, I believe that nothing fundamental will change in the relationship between Europe and the United Kingdom, nor do I expect fundamental changes in the relationship between Europe and the US. The EU and the UK will continue to work together, even after a Brexit, because what unites us, is deeper, stronger and more fundamental than what divides us. And I sincerely believe that this is equally true when it comes to the relationship between the US and Europe”.

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