European Day of Emergency number 112

February 11, 2019

On Monday, the 11th of February, Europe celebrated its single emergency number 112.

The European emergency number 112 was introduced in 1991 to have a unique emergency number throughout the entire European Union. This way, European citizens could indicate that they were in distress from any EU Member State.

In our own country, the 112 emergency number has been available since 1993. Belgium had successively the numbers 900 and 100 (since 1987). The numbers 100 and 101 are both still in use in Belgium but in time, they will be replaced by the European emergency number 112.

Civil protection workers, paramedics, firefighters and other emergency workers : all these people are committed day after day to make your lives and ours better and safer : removing wasp nests, freeing people from car wrecks, intervening in case of carbon monoxide poisoning or during major sport events or music festivals ... Each day, our emergency services bear a huge responsibility that they have to carry out in often difficult situations.

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