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FEB B2G Lunch meeting – Closing Speech – Korea Mission

- - - the spoken word alone prevails - - - [Introduction] Your Royal Highness, Mr. Deputy Minister, Excellences, Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s a true pleasure to be in Korea once again. My last visit to this country dates back to 2010, when I was invited as the then Belgian Minister of Defense to the impressive commemorations of the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. And Korea has certainly moved forward in those seven years. We’ve only been here for a couple of days, but I’ve already seen so many new projects, developments, and innovations. Your achievements are truly impressive and make of Korea a very prosperous nation, the 11th economy in the world, and a very constructive member of the OCDE and G20. Korea is a fine example of what can be achieved when everyone strives for a common goal. Yet I’m also glad to see that some things haven’t changed at all, like the hospitality of the Korean people. [Bilateral trade] Your Royal Highness, Mr. Deputy Minister,...En savoir plus...