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Speaking at the International Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

The General Conference consists of representatives of the IAEA Member States and meets in a regular annual session. Secretary of State Pieter De Crem, who is also Special Envoy of the Federal Government for the MYRRHA-project of the Belgian Nuclear Research Center, is representing Belgium.


The declaration of Secretary of State Pieter De Crem can be found through this link.


In the context of the General Conference, Secretary of State De Crem also seizes the opportunity to promote the MYRRHA-project of the Belgian Nuclear Research Center. Belgium is one of the most innovative countries in the world and plays a pioneering role with the MYRRHA-project in the development of innovative, safe, and sustainable nuclear technology. As the Special Envoy of the Belgian Federal Government, Pieter De Crem his focus is on finding foreign partners to work with the Belgian Nuclear Research Center in the further development of this prototype of a nuclear reactor powered by a particle accelerator. The recent decision of the Belgian Government to invest 558 million euros in this project is therefore an important stimulus for foreign investors and will certainly increase the interest in entry into this very promising project.

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