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Economic mission to Singapore

Supporting the Belgian aviation and port sectors

Secretary of State for Foreign Trade Pieter De Crem will make a short working visit to Singapore.


This visit is part of the political support given by the Secretary of State to the Belgian aviation and port sectors. The program includes a meeting with the CEOs of Brussels Airport, Singapore Changi Airport and Singapore Airlines, to discuss a possible direct connection between Singapore and Brussels.


Secretary of State De Crem will also visit the Belgian stands at the Singapore Air Show, the largest aviation event in Southeast Asia, bringing together the top players in this industry. He will also visit the construction of a new port in which the Belgian company DEME plays a key role.


Both sectors are of the utmost strategic importance for our open economy. Good trade relations require smooth connections. Moreover, they also create job opportunities in our own country.


The mission to Singapore also aims at connecting our country even more firmly with Asia. This continent is one of the most important economic growth poles in the 21st century, and the rapidly increasing prosperity has the effect that the number of passengers is increasing exponentially. It is therefore important to present Belgium in Asia as the perfect gateway to Europe, both for business and for tourism.

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