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Happy National Day, Malaysia !

Thursday 31 August – Malaysia’s National Holiday

Mission to Malaysia 2014

Malaysia has long been a major trading partner of Belgium. In 2016, the country was Belgium’s 48th customer with exports amounting to approximately 570 million euros. The same year, Malaysia was our 41th largest supplier for an amount of 930 million euros.

The database of the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency counts some 1.200 Belgian companies exporting to Malaysia and another 1.800 who show interest to do so. Belgian companies mainly export chemical products, machinery and equipment, and plastics. The top 3 Belgian imports consists of machinery and equipment, optical instruments and plastics.

Secretary of State for Foreign Trade Pieter De Crem looks back with satisfaction at the Princely Economic mission led by Princess Astrid to Malaysia and Singapore at the end of 2014. Malayia and Belgium have many strengths in common and offer numerous opportunities for further deepening and expanding their bilateral trade. The mission of 2014 succeeded in seizing many of these opportunities and in creating new contacts that should lead to new contracts in the coming years.

Secretary of State Pieter De Crem therefore wishes Malaysia an excellent National Day and looks very much forward to further strengthening our excellent economic relations!

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