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Network mission to Mumbai led by Secretary of State Pieter De Crem

24 – 28 April 2017

Meeting with Prime Minister Modi during previous mission

From Monday 24th to Friday 28th April, a network mission will be conducted to Mumbai, headed by Secretary of State for Foreign Trade Pieter De Crem. This mission is organized by Voka – Chamber of Commerce Flemish Brabant, the Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce, with active support from the Consulate General of Belgium in Mumbai, the Belgian-Indian Chamber of Commerce and Leuven MindGate.

Mumbai is the commercial capital and largest city of India, located on the west coast. It is a city of superlatives with an estimated population of 18,4 million inhabitants. The city and the surrounding region produce 5% of GDP, and activity in the region represents 25% of industrial production, 40% of maritime trade and 70% of the Indian capital of capital transactions.

Mumbai is also one of the top 10 global financial platforms and houses headquarters of many Indian and international companies. The economic importance of Mumbai and the high standard of living compared to the rest of India attracts migrants from all regions of the country, which offers the city an intense social and cultural diversity. Mumbai is also known for its flourishing film industry, hence the nickname "Bollywood".

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