Glücklicher Tag der deutschen Einheit !

German Unity Day – October 3rd, 2017

Secretary of State for Foreign Trade Pieter De Crem wishes our German neighbors an excellent German Unity Day! Germany is not only Belgium’s largest neighbor, but also our most important trading partner. In 2016, European countries exported goods for a total amount of 637 billion euros to Germany. Belgium took a share of 9,3%, making us the 3rd largest European exporter of goods to Germany. The Netherlands and France took 1st and 2nd place respectively. Also last year, European imports from Germany amounted to 686 billion euros. With a share of 6,5%, Belgium ranked 7th European customer of Germany.

From Belgium’s point of view, Germany is our main customer thanks to an annual export of goods worth 60 billion euros, and our 2nd largest supplier with an import of goods from Germany for an amount of 45 billion euros. Some 13 000 Belgian companies are already exporting to Germany and many more are interested in the German market. Chemicals are ranked first place in our export figures and accounted for almost 27% of Belgian exports to Germany last year. Other main export categories are those of transport equipment (11%), basic metals (10%), plastics (10%), machinery and equipment (9%), mineral products (6%), food products (5%) and optical instruments (3%). Our country mainly imported transport equipment (25%), followed by chemical products (17%), machinery and equipment (16%), base metals (9%), plastics (7%), food products (4%), mineral products (3,5%) and optical instruments (3%).

With these impressive figures, Germany remains our main trading partner. Furthermore, our bilateral trade is not only strong, but also very diversified and balanced. Nevertheless, Europe’s largest economy and the 4th economy in the world still offers many more opportunities to our Belgian companies. In addition, Germany and Belgium are also close partner countries in many other areas, including in the field of defense and security. As Minister of Defense, Pieter De Crem strongly promoted cooperation between the German and Belgian defense forces, also during the joint mission in Afghanistan.

Pieter De Crem wishes all German citizens, in particular those living and working in Belgium, an excellent Day of German Unity, and looks very much forward to strengthening and deepening bilateral trade between our countries!

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