Kick-off CETA – Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union

Boost for transatlantic trade with historical partner

On 21 September 2017, the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Canada will enter into force provisionally. From today onwards, our companies enjoy the abolition of 98% of the bilateral tariff lines, better access to the Canadian services market, the ability to participate in Canadian federal, provincial and local government procurement, and the restriction of technical trade barriers.

This important free trade agreement will certainly boost our transatlantic trade with an advanced economy of more than 35 million inhabitants. In addition, a stronger presence in the Canadian market can also create opportunities on the entire Northern American market for our Belgian companies.

Next year, in March 2018, Belgian companies will have the opportunity to participate in the State Visit of King Filip and Queen Mathilde to Canada, a visit that will have an important focus on our bilateral trade and CETA.

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