Felices 207 años Chile!

National Day of Chile, September 18, 2017

Bilateral visit of Belgian Minister of Defence De Crem to Chile - 2013 - archives

Total export of goods from the EU to Chile amounted to 8,6 billion euros in 2016. Belgium represented a share of almost 5%, making our country the 7th largest European exporter of goods to Chile. Total European import of Chilean goods amounted to some 7,4 billion euros, with a Belgian share of 7%, making our country also the 7th largest European importer of Chilean goods. However, despite our significant share, our bilateral trade showed a decline in 2016, resulting in a reduction of our market share.

The database of the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency has almost 900 Belgian companies that are already exporting to Chile and another approximately 1.600 who are interested in this market. Belgian exports to Chile are dominated by chemical products, machinery & equipment, and food products. Belgian imports from Chile consist mainly of chemical products, base metals and mineral products.

Bilateral trade between Chile and Belgium is important, yet also susceptible to a renewed attention. Indeed, Chile is and must remain one of our most important bilateral trading partners in the South American continent, and the Chilean market offers many opportunities to Belgian companies.

Secretary of State for Foreign Trade Pieter De Crem therefore wishes an excellent National Day to all Chileans and looks very much forward to strengthening and deepening bilateral trade with Belgium!


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