Happy 4th of July to our 5th most important trading partner!

Independence Day of the United States of America

The United States and Belgium cherish an exceptional bond that goes back a long way. The true cornerstone of this unique alliance remain our strong economic and strategic ties. These are the basis of our growth and prosperity, of our innovation and development, and of our leading role in the world.  

The US is Belgium’s 5th most important trading partner and by far our most important one outside of the European Union. From the US’s point of view, Belgium is among the top 10 export destinations in about half the U.S. States. These rankings represent an impressive $ 34 billion of exports from the US to Belgium and $ 20 billion from Belgium to the US on a yearly basis.

Furthermore, Belgium is the 13th foreign investor and 10th foreign employer in the US, with more than 300 Belgian companies that are employing 160,000 people and investments that amount to some $ 43 billion. Belgian companies are present in the US in a wide range of industries, from petrochemicals to quality food and textiles, from luxury products to pharmaceuticals, to steel products and energy production.

US foreign investment in Belgium totals some $ 45 billion and American companies are heavily represented in the chemical sector, automotive assembly, petroleum refining, and pharmaceutical sectors. Investment in the service industry has also more than tripled since 2000. US companies employ about 130,000 persons in Belgium, making the US the 2nd most important foreign employer in our country.

Impressive figures that clearly show that our alliance and friendship are truly unique. And it is only by working together and maintaining unity that Belgium and Europe, together with our transatlantic allies, will be able to play an important role in this 21st century and set the standards for future global trade. Happy Independence Day to all American citizens all over the world, also to the many Americans who live and work in Belgium!

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